How to play Bet9ja?

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  • Steps on How to Start Playing on Bet9ja in Nigeria
  • How to Bet on Bet9ja Online
  • How to Play on Bet9ja and Win
  • How to Play Bet9ja on the Phone
  • Bet9ja Terminology and Functions
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  • The worldwide growth of online betting platforms has been enormous over the past few years, and Nigerian sportsbooks are no exception. The Nigerian market has seen an incredibly rapid rise in the sports betting industry with the arrival of several excellent platforms locally established in the country. Bet9ja is a perfect representative of this category, being a local company established in 2013 and operating in the country since. The sportsbook has gained the trust and hearts of thousands of Nigerian bettors by providing excellent services, the highest odds, and a variety of sports to its users. Let’s discover how to start staking on sports via the Bet9ja platform and profit from its admirable offers!

    Steps on How to Start Playing on Bet9ja in Nigeria

    In order to begin using the platform, it will be necessary for you to navigate to its official web page. The Bet9ja site is very smooth and agreeable to navigate, so you will encounter no trouble when starting. However, every bettor willing to start betting on the sportsbook must join the platform by creating a personal account. Otherwise, fund investment and sports betting will be impossible, so verifying your identity and confirming that you are legally permitted to bet is critical.

    Remember that any bettor under 18 trying to join the sportsbook or place bets will be instantly contacted by the Bet9ja crew and most probably see his account deleted and any activity restricted.

    How to Bet on Bet9ja Online

    How to Bet on Bet9ja Online

    After joining the platform and confirming your identity, you can proceed with the betting procedure. Sports betting on Bet9ja is very straightforward and transparent, but we still decided to guide you throughout the process.

    Step 1

    As stated previously, first, creating an account on the bookie’s site is necessary, but when you are ready, you can enter it by logging in at the top of the page. Then, after you have accessed your account, you may open the site’s main page.

    Step 2

    On the main bookie’s page, you will notice a very large number of sports displayed on your left. The Bet9ja sports collection is genuinely gigantic, huh? That’s where you pick the sport you will place your bet on.

    Step 3

    After you’ve decided and selected the sport of your choice in the sports collection, you are finally ready to place your first bet. To do so, tap on the sport you chose, select a specific game, and from there on, you will be required to pick your markets and odds. Next, specify the sum you are placing on the game, double-check your selection, and validate your bet. You’re done!

    Beware that before placing your first bet. It will be necessary to invest your funds and replenish your balance. You can do so in your account.

    How to Play on Bet9ja and Win

    It is obvious that every bettor staking on sports is willing to win each of his bets. Still, any kind of betting is primarily a game of chance unless you are aware of some valuable tips and hacks that will permit you to enhance your winning probability! That’s why we gathered some advice for you that will lend you a hand in winning almost every bet; let’s check it out!

    ๐Ÿ”‘Inform yourself and study before placing any bets!: Before betting on your favorite sports, collect as much information as possible about the sport and teams you’re staking on. Research how the market works and the most winning types of bets, and maybe get in touch with some betting experts who could provide solid advice regarding concrete sports betting strategies.

    ๐Ÿ”‘Analyze the market objectively: When analyzing the sports you wish to bet on. Sports betting is mostly about using logic and not getting influenced by emotions. Betting in the heat of passion could be very dangerous and risky!

    ๐Ÿ”‘ Manage your finances: Spending all your money unwisely could be a huge mistake in your betting strategy. Take care of your budget just as if you were a businessman. Be aware of what you win and lose, and act wisely and slowly. We recommend placing several small bets rather than a big one and losing all your funds. Be careful and prudent.

    ๐Ÿ”‘ Don’t be scared of making mistakes: Making mistakes is completely natural! They are necessary in order to identify your errors and unwise strategies and learn from them. Being scared will never make you lose less and win more. Making mistakes is very helpful for discovering new, effective tactics.

    How to Play Bet9ja on the Phone

    How to Play Bet9ja on the Phone

    Did you know Bet9ja has developed an incredibly smooth and transparent mobile application? It was created in order to permit users to profit from the finest sports betting experience possible wherever they are in a flexible and handy way. Unfortunately, this fantastic application is not yet operating on IOS gadgets and is only accessible to Android users. However, iOS members can consistently profit from the bookie’s features by accessing the Mobile Lite Version. We made a short guide for our readers, explaining how to obtain the application and bet on the platform via telephone. Let’s have a look!

    1. Open the official site on your cellular and locate the “Apps” section.
    2. Hit the button that downloads the sportsbook app.
    3. Open the .apk file and agree to the installation.
    4. When the application is installed, you may open it and enter it into your account.
    5. Tap on “Menu” and pick the sport of your choice.
    6. Enter the sum you are betting in your bet slip.
    7. Congrats, you are done!

    Bet9ja Terminology and Functions

    The bookie indeed proposes an exceptionally vast array of functions and options that spice up the members’ betting journey. However, it is recommended that you inform yourself about those options before staking on sports; this knowledge could lend you a hand in your further betting process. That’s why we picked the most necessary and alluring functions accessible on Bet9ja.


    The Super9ja function is a weekly jackpot that is free to enter and allows users to win the amount of 10,000,000 Naira by simply forecasting scores. This amusive prediction jackpot takes place on six games selected randomly throughout the week and permits you to win quite an enormous reward!


    Besides classic sports betting, the bookie also proposes staking on virtual games, which is a pretty attractive feature. The Virtual Game permits members to forecast the result of a match being simulated. These matches are generated by computers, but they are still very entertaining!

    Live Betting

    Live Betting permits users to benefit from a highly energetic and dynamic betting experience full of emotions. It allows staking ongoing games and events in real-time while the game is already occurring. The odds on those games tend to change very quickly, though. We appreciated this option, particularly for its vivacious spirit.

    Bet9ja Racing

    Have you ever thought that it could be possible to stake on animal races right from your computer or telephone? The Bet9ja Racing option allows players to stake on various racing events, such as games with dogs or horses. The rules are pretty transparent: you have to predict the dog or the horse that wins the race! This type of game may be played at any moment!


    After winning a bet, it is natural to want to cash out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the company only provides a single type of payment method accessible for money payouts, which is a bank transaction. However, this system is very safe and valid, which makes the transfer process utterly secure and rapid. Speaking of rapidity, the withdrawal procedure on Bet9ja is very quick compared to other betting sites; it usually takes 2 to 5 hours before your funds arrive in your bank account.

    Beware that the minimum amount that can be taken out is 1000 Naira.


    To wrap up, Bet9ja is a very neat sports betting company proposing appealing functions and betting options such as exclusive weekly games or even race betting. Starting on the platform as a new client will be very straightforward and transparent; the overall procedure of betting is comfortable and can be accomplished via the mobile application, whereas takeouts are rapid and safe. In this Bet9ja overview, we gathered most of the info regarding the bookie’s betting process, but if you are still unsure about some points, don’t hesitate to look at the FAQ below.



    • Can I play Bet9ja on my mobile phone?

    Of course! The Bet9ja application is very neat.

    • What is the minimum stake on Bet9ja?

    100 Naira.

    • What are the betting requirements for the Bet9ja bonus?

    The sign-up bonus should be staked three times at odds of 3.0.

    • What does 1X2 mean in bet9ja?

    It is a type of bet that increases the likelihood of winning.

    • How much is Bet9ja’s minimum deposit?

    100 Naira.

    • What is the smartest way to bet?

    To always keep your head cool!

    • Which bet is easiest to win?