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In today’s betting community, punters expect to be treated to a variety of incredible incentives, such as welcome offers, loyalty rewards, extra weekend prizes, or special birthday surprises. Everyone loves to receive gifts, and sportsbooks love to give them. At Bet9ja, you can spend these bonuses on a wide range of sporting events and improve your financial situation by reducing the losses in your own wallet. Before you start betting at Bet9ja, it’s a good idea to learn about the most common types of offers and which of them are the most profitable and which ones are not worth your time.

It is important to mention that the company no longer has an app to offer, as of August 2023. But you can still take advantage of all bonuses through the mobile browser version.

How Bet9ja Bonus Works?

If bettors seek to play with bonus money or receive tasty rewards, they should familiarize themselves with what it takes to claim them. After a quick research on the terms and conditions page, we discovered six types of bonuses. Some of them are given to newbies who have just registered, but others are offered to regular players who place numerous bets on a daily basis. So, every player will surely be happy to find a promotion that suits his or her taste.

Moreover, there is a useful feature that is a kind of bonus that allows you to have full control over your bet. Even if you have placed a bet on a particular match that is currently live, you can still cash out if the situation becomes critical. It’s useful when the game is not going your way, and cashing out will save a part of your bankroll. Many players ask how to cash out Bet9ja bonus, and the only way to do that is to place these given credits and withdraw the winnings. In the section below, read the general description on common promotions and incentives at Bet9ja.

What Happens When You Win with Bet9ja Bonus

One of the reasons to claim bonuses is what happens when you win with a bet9ja bonus. It allows you to make more bets, paying less of your money. However, winning does not mean you can easily withdraw all your rewards. The last time you wager bonus funds will be the time when you actually can get a payout. To establish when it happens, you should read the wagering rule that differs from deal to deal.

So, what if I won with a bet9ja bonus? You can proceed with wagering or happily obtain your rewards. But you need to remember that not all bonuses’ workout periods are similar. To answer the question of how many days does bet9ja bonus last we need to direct you back to the set of descriptions provided for every bonus offer.

Read carefully to understand how much time you have for wagering and complying with the terms of the offer. But how long does the bet9ja bonus last on average? Different offers can be provided from 5 days to two-week periods. What happens next if you do not fulfill the conditions is the disappearance of your freebie; it becomes inactive without any chance of reactivation.

Popular Bonuses

Popular Bonuses

Make a couple of marks picking bonuses to play. The sportsbook offers several promotional items, including a Welcome Package, Multiple Bonus, Cut 1, and a “Win Cash” that is activated by collecting certain points.

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Welcome Bonus

Sign up and deposit match bonuses are widespread at sportsbooks. Nigerian punters can benefit from a 100% match bonus on their initial payment. But we kindly advise you to check Bet9ja welcome bonus terms and conditions before claiming it. Basically, you create an account, fill it with all the necessary information, make a funding through any convenient payment option and receive 100% bonus. For example, if you top up your account with 20,000 NGN, you will be credited with an additional 20,000 NGN.

Cut 1

This is an attractive feature that allows you to save money on accumulator bets. In case you didn’t know, accumulator bets are linked together in a single bet. You can bet on any number of games. However, if one of them loses, the entire accumulator bet is lost as well. In other words, the odds of winning are much lower, but the payoff is considerably higher. Thus, the 1 Cut feature gives you the opportunity to miss once in your chain and save other bets. However, be careful with Bet9ja’s Cut 1 terms and conditions and reap the maximum benefits.

Casino Bonus

Since the bookmaker focuses on sports, all rewards are aimed at bettors, except one. And it’s a 50% casino welcome bonus exclusively for beginners. Only players who have their first account can claim an offer. However, you can try to contact the support and ask for another Bet9ja casino bonus. In fact, this is a common practice when players receive individual promotions through the call center.

Multiple Bonus

It’s designed for newly registered players and those who have already placed hundreds of bets. To activate it, you need to place 5 or more selections in your Bet9ja multiple bet and receive a 5% boost after adding another selection. The maximum boost you can expect is 170%, which is a lot. But how do you calculate your potential winnings with this bonus? Just multiply your win by the 10%, 40%, 50% and you get the result. However, there are some requirements. First, you must select events with odds of 1.20 or higher. Second, 40,000,000 NGN is the maximum amount you can win to qualify for the bonus.

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Christmas Bonus

One of the most loved promotions at sportsbooks is the holiday promos, like the Christmas bonus, for example. On the previous holiday, players used to get physical prizes like headphones for betting on certain games. These kinds of bonuses happen during some promotional periods, so you won’t find them on any other day.

Terms and Condition of Bet9ja Bonus

Terms and Condition of Bet9ja Bonus

Players must be aware of all the pitfalls on the way to getting bonuses. Bet9ja is strict with bonus hunters, so only players with a positive attitude can claim them. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re planning to use them in a fair manner.

Promotions are accessible only from the desktop website, mobile lite version, or mobile application; you cannot get rewards through SMS codes. Also, you can claim different promotions at the same time. However, please note that only one type of bonus from one category can be applied per betslip.

How to Claim Bet9ja Bonus?

Generally, you have to visit the “Promotions” section, which is located in the header of the homepage. Select the promotions you would like to claim and click on the yellow “BET NOW” button. Then decide on the type of bet you want to make and opt for “live betting” or “pre-match betting.” “Live” will show you the games in progress, while “Pre-match” will show you the games to come.

How Do I Wager My Bet9ja Bonus?

There is no special procedure for wagering the bonus. Since it is applied directly to your bets and after you have used it, you can simply request a withdrawal and receive your winnings through any available banking method. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions for each type of bonus.

How Do I Use the Bet9ja Bonus?

Here’s a quick lifehack on how to get the most out of your bonus. Once you have your extra money in your account, just find a game you are willing to bet on, choose a betting market and come up with your betting technique. After that, you’re ready to use your bonus. Generally, all the bonuses are applied automatically. All you are required to do is follow the promotion’s terms and wagering conditions.

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How to Redeem the Bet9ja Bonus?

It’s an obvious thing to withdraw the winnings after a successful betting session. Hundreds of professional bettors recommend cashing out immediately after you won the bet. Otherwise, the desire to win can ruin the whole situation. Learn these three steps by heart, because the withdrawal procedure will take because you will constantly be faced with the withdrawal of funds.

  1. Read the bonus T&C and make sure you meet all the requirements.
  2. Press the “Information” icon.
  3. Monitor the progress bar and when it reaches 100%, you will be able to convert your bonus credits into real money.

This process is very much the same on a mobile device.

How Do I Renew My Bet9ja Bonus?

Unfortunately, most bonuses are given only once to newly registered players. It’s a sportsbook policy to prevent abuse of promotions and incentives. However, there are many rewards given to punters during special events or holidays. Also, Bet9ja offers an extensive multi-level rewards system, which states that “the more you play, the more rewards you can get.” It works like a VIP program with corresponding prizes.

How Does Bet9ja Rewards Work?

Rewards programs are an excellent way to earn points and get tasty gifts. How does it work in Bet9ja? Basically, whether you win or lose, you can increase your level and receive more and more bonuses. So the more bets you place, the more incentive you can get. For example, after registering, you will start to make initial bets and automatically earn points. The points you earn affect your rank. The higher your rank, the faster you can earn points and increase the number of loyalty rewards.

How to Get Bet9ja Reward Bonus

Here’s what you need to know about the rewards system:

  • If you play often, there will be no problem earning points faster and increasing your level.
  • All points are kept for one month, after which you have to reach the required number of points to maintain your current rank.
  • The following month, your points will be reset to zero, but your ranking will remain the same.
  • Remember about the multiplier that gets higher on each level and gives more points.

There are also extra rounds that award cash. Everyone is eager to win real money, and the points will help you do that. The round lasts for one week. You must collect a certain number of points during that week in order to convert them into cash. For example, collecting 12,500 points will reward you with 2,500 NGN.

Customer Support Regarding Bet9ja Bonuses

Customer Support Regarding Bet9ja Bonuses

Whenever you have any questions or doubts about promotions on Bet9ja, always reach out to the bookmaker’s customer support team. Call center specialists will be pleased to answer your questions between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Keep in mind that payers can also activate the reward bonus through the support chat. Don’t hesitate to contact Bet9ja executives; they will inform you about the whole promotional policy and may give you some extra rewards individually.

  • Chat to Live Support
  • Standart Rate Call: 08099990939
  • Twitter: @Bet9jaHelp


The bonus system at Bet9ja is extensive. All punters can participate in the loyalty rewards programs and receive a bunch of perks, claiming the cut-one promo, multiple boost bonus of up to 170%. They can also take advantage of the cash-out feature by canceling the bet during an active match to save money when the situation gets critical. Especially for regular players, there is an attractive rewards system based on points. By placing bets, you earn points that can be exchanged for real money. All in all, Bet9ja is a top choice if you want to take advantage of rich promotions. Read the full Bet9ja review to be informed about all the features that the sportsbook offers.



Can I withdraw the money I won with Bet9ja bonus?

Yes. But take into account all wagering requirements.


Can you withdraw winnings from bonus?

Withdrawal is available once you have wagered the given amount.


How much is Bet9ja welcome bonus?

100% on sportsbook, and 50% on the casino


How many days does Bet9ja sport bonus last?

It’s valid for 30 days.


How do I turn my bonus bets into cash?

The money can only be withdrawn after you have wagered and won. All winnings are allowed to be cashed out unless the wagering requirements have been met.


Why can’t I withdraw bonus bet winnings?

Be sure to use the same payment method as the one you used for your deposit. And read the T&C.


What is the highest amount Bet9ja can pay?

40,000,000 NGN.


How can I claim my Bet9ja welcome bonus?

It becomes available after you complete the registration process and fund an account.


How does Bet9ja 100 bonus work?

This promotion is currently not available.


How long does it take to get a Bet9ja bonus?

It depends on the promotion, but usually receiving it is quite a rapid process.