Privacy Policy

Last modified: March 1, 2023

The information that Bet9jaGuide gathers about The User while they browse (and any of its subdomains), utilize its services, or use any of its programs or products is covered by the privacy statement for personal data below (referred to as “The Privacy Policy”).

I. Definition of Terms

Following terms are used in the Privacy Policy:

Site Administration” (referred to as “The Administration”) – the qualified parties in charge of running the Bet9jaGuide website and handling any personal data. They also may decide the objective of any operations (activities) involving personal information.

Personal Data” – is employed to highlight information about, or serves to directly or indirectly identify, a certain or well-known person (subject of personal data).

Processing of Personal Data” – whether or not they use automated technology, acts involving the use of personal data include gathering, systematizing, aggregating, storing, defining, extracting, using, and transferring data.

Confidentiality of Personal Data” – an agreement from the administration or anyone else with possession of the data to keep it private unless the subject grants permission or unless doing so is mandated by law.

Bet9jaGuide” – a list of associated websites accessible through the domain and its subdomains.

Subdomains” – a group of webpages under the third-level domain Bet9jaGuide, with extra pages and the administration’s contact information at the bottom of each page.

User of the Bet9jaGuide website” (referred to as “the User”) – a visitor to the Bet9jaGuide website who can access the information, products, and services made available there.

Cookies” – a bit of data that is delivered by the user’s computer or other device to the web server every time they access a page from a related website via an HTTP request after being collected and saved by the web server.

IP address” – a specific network address delivered to a computer network node that a user connects to in order to access the website.

II. Privacy Policy Subject

While creating an account on the Bet9jaGuide website or subscribing to an email list, the Administration asks users for personal information. The Administration’s obligations with regard to the confidentiality of personal information and the non-disclosure of private information are outlined in this privacy statement.

By completing any of the forms on the Bet9jaGuide website, customers might submit personal details, which will subsequently be treated in compliance with this privacy policy. This specific information can include:

Patronymic, surname name, or first name of the client;
The client’s phone number;
The client’s email address;
The address of the client, if necessary;
Image or photograph of the User (if considered necessary).
When a user accesses a section of the Bet9jaGuide platform, the website secures their unique IP address, cookie information, access time, browser history, referrer, and other automatically transmitted data (or any previous pages).

III. Methods and Terms of Processing Personal Information

Regardless of whether automation technologies are employed, the processing of the User’s personal data falls within the category of using personal data information systems, which is permitted and has no temporal restrictions.

Personal information about the User is only accessible to trustworthy businesses and governmental entities.

The Administration may decide not to inform the user if confidential information has been compromised or exposed.

The Administration implements the necessary administrative and technical security measures to guard against unauthorized or unintentional access, loss, alteration, disclosure, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal acts.

Together with the User, the Administration makes every effort to reduce the harm brought on by the loss or leak of the User’s personal data.

IV. General Provisions

By using the Bet9jaGuide website, the User agrees to this privacy statement and the terms and conditions governing the use of their personal data.

The User shall stop using any services offered by the Bet9jaGuide platform if they object to the conditions of the privacy policy.

This privacy statement is a commitment made by the Bet9jaGuide website. By clicking on links on the Bet9jaGuide website, users may access third-party domains over which the Site has no authority and for which it disclaims all liability.

The Administration does not check the veracity of the user-provided personal data. 

V. Dispute Resolution

When a dispute arises between the User and the Administration, the User must submit a written plan or electronic proposal for a mutually agreeable settlement first.

The recipient shall notify the claimant in writing or electronically of the result of the claim within thirty (30) days of the date the application was accepted.

The Arbitration Court will settle the conflict if a compromise cannot be reached.

This Privacy Statement and any communications between the User and the Administration shall be subject to all applicable laws.

VI. Rights and Obligations of All Parties

The user is authorized to:

Use complete discretion in all decisions involving whether to submit personal information needed to access the Bet9jaGuide platform and whether to consent to its processing.

Edit, update, or add information if the data has recently undergone changes or transformations.

Ask the administration for specific details on how personal information is dealt with if such a right is granted.

If personal information was gathered inappropriately, is inaccurate, out-of-date, or is not relevant, the User may demand the administration for a summary of the data and ask that it be blocked or deleted.

Take the legal action that is required to protect and uphold their own rights.
The Administration should:

Use the data only for the purposes specified in the privacy statement.

Guarantee the confidentiality of any data gathered.

Not to exchange, sell, or otherwise make available any personally identifiable information without the user’s prior written consent. Not to reveal any individually identifiable information.

Use the required security measures in accordance with the protocol used to secure this type of data in commercial transactions to safeguard the User’s personal information.

Personal details associated with the User may be blocked upon the request of the User, his legal representative, or an authorized agency for the protection of private data during the period of verification in the event that inaccurate personal information or evidence of criminal behavior is found.

VII. Objectives of User Personal Data Collection

In the following circumstances, the Administration may make use of the User’s personal data:
Identifying the User who has registered on the Bet9jaGuide site in order to obtain his consent and carry out further steps.
Allowing users of the website to access personalized data and resources.
Establishing communication with the User, which includes sending warnings and notifications, getting assistance with utilizing the Bet9jaGuide website, and responding to any additional questions and suggestions.
Determining the precise position of the User in order to prevent fraud and ensure security.
Approval and validation of the accuracy of the user’s personal information that they have supplied on the website.
Setting a personal account for the User so he can use it to access different services on the Bet9jaGuide website.
Use email messages to provide the Consumer alerts.
Offering the User the appropriate technical guidance and support whenever problems or issues with the Bet9jaGuide platform occur.
Displaying to the User, with his consent, unique offers, emails, and other content from Bet9jaGuide.

VIII. Responsibility of the Parties

With the exception of certain circumstances, the Administration is legally liable for any losses incurred by the User as a result of the improper use of personal information.

The administration declines all responsibility for any loss or disclosure of private information.

It was accessible to the general public before it was lost.

Was previously procured from a third party and given to The Administration.

Public disclosure was made with the User’s consent.

Adherence to all applicable laws, including but not limited to those controlling advertising, copyright protection, related rights, trademark and service mark protection, as well as laws governing the organization and content of contents, is the exclusive responsibility of the User.

The User is therefore informed that all data files, messages, and other information that he may access through the Bet9jaGuide platform shall remain the property of their respective owners.

The User is informed of the possibility that any content he accesses through the Bet9jaGuide website may be protected by intellectual property rights held by other Users, associates, or advertisers who publish content there. If the owners of the content have not officially and in writing granted the User permission to do so in accordance with the terms of a separate agreement, the User shall not be permitted to rent, edit, transmit on a loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on such content (in whole or in part).

If a link back to the Site is supplied, public domain articles and content from the Bet9jaGuide website may be distributed.

The deletion, failure, or inability to preserve any material or other communication data on the Bet9jaGuide website or communicated through it will not subject the Administration to liability for any discomfort or damage the User may encounter.

The administration expressly and clearly disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of, or the inability to use, the site or any of its services; from ideas expressed by third parties on the site; from illegal access to User communications; or from any other cause.

Any content, including but not limited to copyright-protected information, that a user publishes to the Bet9jaGuide website without the owner’s consent is not under the administration’s control.

IX. Additional Terms

The administration is at liberty to alter this privacy statement without the user’s knowledge.
Unless otherwise specified in the most recent version, the adjusted Privacy Policy becomes operational as of the day it is posted on the Bet9jaGuide website.
Any questions or complaints regarding our privacy statement should be sent by email to [email protected].
The most recent privacy statement for this website may be found at