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14/05/2024 10/07/2024
Bet9ja Shop

Are you seeking new ways to integrate into the Nigerian betting community and reap profits? Opening a Bet9ja shop could be a precious opportunity to achieve your goals. If you do not know where to start, we will guide you through the entire way to a Bet9ja shop owner or agent.

Who Is a Bet9ja Agent?

Who Is a Bet9ja Agent?

According to the Be9ja agency concept, an agent is a person who qualifies to represent the brand while sharing the company’s passion and values. Qualified agents have the authority to deliver a full suite of sports betting and other related services the bookmaker provides.

Authorized partners operate via outlets scattered all over Nigeria. Punters visit the shops at their convenience and play, thus bringing commissions to the shop owners. The more betslips you print, the more you earn. As a Bet9ja retailer, you can offer your clients the following goodies:

  • All major soccer leagues worldwide.
  • Scores of matches in other sports.  
  • 12,000+ live events each month.
  • Odds far above the market average.
  • Bonuses and customer promotions.
  • Casino, virtual racing, and other extras.  

How Do You Become a Bet9ja Agent?

Becoming an agent involves several stages, which you should complete successfully one by one. Filling out an online form is step one; the number two step is an interview with the brand’s representative. The check of the future point of sale is the final stage. 

If everything is fine, you sign with the bookie. We will detail the enrollment procedure below. 

Bet9ja Agent Commissions

Commissions are agreed upon at the contract signature. There is no uniform rate, and earnings vary depending on agents’ contribution to the company’s revenue. Basically, your commission is a percentage of the total sales made in your betting shop within a predetermined period.

What else you get paid for is all web and mobile players who registered through your cashiers.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop Account

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop Account

As promised, let us now consider the procedure of becoming an approved retailer in more detail. First off, to partner with the eminent Nigerian betting brand, you have to meet some legal, financial, and personal criteria. In other words, you are expected to be:

  • A Nigerian resident of legal age.
  • Not in trouble with the law.
  • Well-off for running a business.
  • Ambitious and enthusiastic.
  • Responsive and outgoing.
  • Interested in sports and betting.  

If you check all the boxes, proceed with our instructions on how to open a Bet9ja shop account.

How to Register a Bet9ja Shop Account Online

If you already have premises suitable for your retail store, you can submit the online application form to register as an agent. Where do you find that form? Start by visiting the Bet9ja website, either the new or old version. Then, scroll down and select “Become an Agent.”

Right after, you will be redirected to the home page of the bookmaker’s agent program. The application form will open when clicking the “REGISTER NOW” button. If you need help filling out the form, feel free to use our Bet9ja shop account opening guide for reference.

How to Bet in a Bet9ja Shop

How to Bet in a Bet9ja Shop

The betting process in the shop is no different from that on the website or app. Customers deposit funds and choose sporting events together with markets and odds. Cashiers accept their wagers and pay out winnings if the predictions turn out correct.

Additionally, you or your staff should provide punters with the fast and competent aid they might need while gambling. Our explainer will tell you more about how to bet in Bet9ja shop outlets.

How to Withdraw From a Bet9ja Shop Account

How to Withdraw From a Bet9ja Shop Account

Imagine you have been running your bookmaking business successfully, and the time has come to collect your well-deserved commission. How do you do that? All your agent finances are managed directly in your shop account, so log in and opt for withdrawals.

On-screen prompts will help you create and send your withdrawal request. Processing and crediting may take minutes to hours, based on your payment service provider. In another post, we focus on how to withdraw from Bet9ja shop account balances.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop

Before opening a point of sale, the first thing you should do is to decide on its location. The best strategy is to choose attractive premises that are easy to reach and comfortable to stay in. The inspection of the premises is on the bookie’s checklist, so they do matter a lot.  

You should also remember to take care of the necessary equipment, furniture, and interiors. Learn what else you should take note of in our dedicated piece on how to own a Bet9ja shop.

To Recap

By launching its agent program a while ago, Bet9ja has assisted sports betting-driven Nigerians in starting and growing their entrepreneurial careers. The partnership with the acknowledged brand pays off very well and greatly enhances your reputation and credibility in the community.


How Do You Withdraw From Bet9ja as an Agent?

Log in to your agent account and select withdrawals in the menu. After that, opt for a preferred method and provide your payment information as prompted. Finally, confirm your transaction and wait for the money to arrive.


What Are the Monthly Earnings of Bet9ja Agents?

Agents’ earnings depend solely on the sales they generate per month. So, the bigger the number of wagers accepted, the higher their commission rates and, consequently, profits.


How Much Does Bet9ja Pay Its Agents?

The company negotiates individual commissions when signing contracts with agents. The rates are flexible and may change from month to month based on the agent’s performance.