How to Open a Bet9ja Shop

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How to Open a Bet9ja Shop

Sports betting is not the only way to make money with Bet9ja. Opening a branded shop is another lucrative deal the Nigerian bookmaker offers. You can source general information about the Bet9ja shop from our write-up, and here, you will learn how to open and run the business.

Where Do You Start?

Where Do You Start? Bet9ja

The initial step in setting the stage for the business is finding the right premises and sorting administrative things out. So, to run as smoothly as possible, your sales outlet has to be rented and registered under the law and located in the proper place from the visitors’ perspective.

It should be no problem for players to get to your store whenever they want to dedicate some time to betting. In addition, the shop should be roomy enough to house everyone wishing to bet along with the required equipment, such as PCs, TVs, furniture sets, cash desks, and so on.

Once you have rented or bought a suitable store and registered your business, the time is to register yourself or become an agent.

Online Registration

If you have successfully passed the initial step, you are highly likely to qualify for the agent program, that is, you must be 18 and well off for owning the outlet. Now, we will clue you in on the next step and tell you exactly how to apply for the official partnership with the bookie.

Open the Form   

Visit the Bet9ja Nigeria website, new or old, select “Become an Agent,” and click “REGISTER” on the home page of the agent program site. 

Enter Your Data

Fill in all mandatory fields of the form, including your name, birth date, shop address, city, state, phone number, email, and other details.

Upload Documents 

Upload the supporting documentation, provide your brief business description, and input the CAPTCHA code to prove you are human. 

Submit the Form

Go over the Privacy Policy provisions, and once you accept them, click the “REGISTER NOW!” button to submit your application.

When Do You Get Approved?

When Do You Get Approved? Bet9ja

The application approval is a multistage procedure, so you should not expect it to be complete in a few hours. A series of checks comes after the Bet9ja program staff receives your form. The following are the examination stages preceding your approval:

  • The inspection of documentation and shop location.
  • A face-to-face meeting with the bookie’s field staff.
  • The validation of the shop’s indoor and outdoor space.

If all the checks confirm you are a perfect fit for the program, the company enrolls you by signing a contract and activating your agent account.

When Do You Open the Shop?

When Do You Open the Shop? Bet9ja

As soon as the contract is signed, you can proceed with the necessary arrangements for your store’s opening. The bookmaker’s team will do their best to help you get ready for the launch. You can count on free training as well as comprehensive marketing and technical support.     

What Is the Bet9ja Shop?

What Is the Bet9ja Shop? Bet9ja

The shop is the Bet9ja website transferred to a physical site. Put differently, it is a retail store where sports betting and other gambling services are sold at the most favorable prices. Everything offered on the bookie’s website or app can be found in the shop, namely:

  • Sports to suit all tastes
  • Top-tier soccer leagues
  • Highest possible odds
  • Numerous live events
  • Extra gambling activities
  • Promotions and bonuses

Whether at the website or outlet store, punters can use a promotional code when registering to gain preferences from the outset. Trusted betting-related resources in Nigeria explain how to get Bet9ja shop code combinations or distribute codes themselves.      

The Secret to Success

Once you and your staff are well-trained and your outlet is well-equipped and nicely decorated, you can open your shop officially and welcome punters. But starting a business is half the battle; the other half is running it successfully. Here are the secrets for making your shop prosper.   

Build Your Budget 

To manage your bookmaking business efficiently, think of your budget beforehand. You should know for sure what expenses lie ahead and whether you can afford them. Study the retail property market for rental rates and contact Bet9ja to learn about agent fees and commissions.    

When you know all your spending, you have a clear idea of the required startup capital and further budgeting. 

Know the Ropes

As an owner of a betting shop, you do not have to be a high-flying bettor, but you should be aware of what sports betting is about, what odds stand for, how bets are settled, and how winnings are calculated and paid. The basics of business operations are a must-know, too.

Remember to sign into your agent account to follow your store’s daily activity and keep cash flows in check.

Promote Full Force

Betting shops are not scarce across Nigeria, so you should try really hard to make your outlet stand out among competitors inside and outside the brand. Arrange live broadcasts, issue shop codes, place ads on social media, and utilize other online and offline promotion techniques. 

The bookie has a deep interest in your business success and, therefore, provides first-rate entertainment and versatile support to help you thrive.        

More Tips for Success

  • Open your outlet in a densely populated area but at a smart distance from competitors.
  • Treat staff recruitment and training seriously to ensure your customers are best served.
  • Make sure the infrastructure of your store, including internet connection, runs flawlessly.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Is It Worth the Effort?

It definitely is! If you have considered all our recommendations and are fully committed to your business, you are bound to succeed. A lovely shop with authorization from a respectable brand, an appropriate location, and high-class service cannot help but win local punters’ attention.

The more players bet in your outlet, the more income it brings, and as a result, the larger your commission. Moreover, you earn from all online and mobile registrations made in your store.     

Contacts to Learn More

You can ask the Bet9ja team about the actual commission rates and any other aspects of the partnership through one of the communication means below:

  • Chat to Live Support
  • Standart Rate Call: 08099990939
  • Twitter: @Bet9jaHelp

Concluding Thoughts

Despite the tremendous growth of technology, lots of Nigerian punters play in physical betting shops today, just as they did years ago. Bet9ja invites you to open your own store under the aegis of the reputed brand. If you have all bases covered, you will reap benefits shortly after.