How to Register a Bet9ja Shop Account

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How to Register a Bet9ja Shop Account

The big-name Nigerian bookmaker allows you to join and wager as you please: via the Internet from your go-to device or in one of its betting shops. To learn what a Bet9ja shop is all about, check out our related review; to learn how to sign up online and offline, keep reading this post. 

Exact Steps to Open an Account Online

Exact Steps to Open an Account Online bet9ja

If you stay home most of the time, you might prefer to sign up online. Here are the precise steps for opening an account on the website.

Go to the Website

Visit the official Bet9ja site and select “Register” to navigate to the registration page.

Input Information

Fill out the form with your email, first and last name, and birth date. A promo code is optional.

Set Up Credentials

Click “Continue” and create your username and password on the next page of the form.

Add More Details

Specify your state and phone number and push the button to finalize your registration.

Verify Your Email

Open your inbox, find the Bet9ja registration email, and carry out the verification instructions.

Mobile Registration Guidelines

If you are often on the go and hardly ever part with your smartphone, the Bet9ja app or the mobile version of the site will work best for you. The registration procedure is the same across all software products delivered by the bookie, so the mobile guidelines are as simple as these:

  • Hit the website in your mobile browser or launch the app on your phone.
  • Tap “Register.” This label is on the upper left of the mobile site and app.
  • Repeat the steps from our website directions above, starting with step 2.          

How to Create a Shop Account   

How to Create a Shop Account bet9ja

If you wish to go out, socialize, and feel the good old vibes of sports betting, you might need to know how to open Bet9ja shop account profiles. That is as easy as 1-2-3: just visit the nearest outlet and turn to the staff. They will readily help you create shop Bet9ja account credentials.

Requirements for New Arrivals

Registration is open to you as long as you can tick every single box from the list below:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are ready to prove your identity.
  • You have no legal restrictions.
  • You have not registered before.
  • Gambling is lawful in your area.

Why Create an Account with Bet9ja?

Why Create an Account with Bet9ja?

Bet9ja has long become a magnet for avid sports bettors and gamblers in Nigeria. What attracts them, and why should you register with the bookie? Here are a few arguments that might be compelling enough for you to set up an account:

  • The brand owns licenses that are valid in all states of the country.
  • The odds are outstanding compared to other offers on the market.
  • The sportsbook features a huge number of disciplines and events.
  • Sports games for live wagering are accessible throughout the day.
  • The operator allows for booking selections and placing stakes later. 
  • There are multiple virtual soccer leagues, races, and other sports.
  • Entertainment involves casino games, lotteries, jackpots, and more.
  • Customers are entitled to reward points, cashout, and other perks.
  • Payouts are guaranteed and quickly appear on players’s accounts.   

Done! What Comes After?

Login is your next move after registration and a mandatory action every time you want to play. Another prerequisite is funding your newly set up account through any of the available deposit methods. With money on the in-game balance, you can make your selections and stake.      

A Wrap-up

Long ago, punters spent hours gambling in betting shops; now, they do so online. Bet9ja has retained both options. Nigerians can join the bookie through its website or app or sign up at a physical point of sale belonging to the brand. Either way, your enrollment will be quick and easy.