What is a System Bet in Bet9ja in Nigeria?

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Bet9ja System Bet Explained Main

Seasoned players favor system bets a lot. But what should punters expect from this type of wager at Bet9ja Nigeria?  In this article, we’ll cover all questions about the bookmaker’s system betting, meaning what it is, how it works, and why it turns heads.

Briefly About Betting Markets in Bet9ja

The platform boasts a bunch of traditional and innovative betting markets so that you never find yourself bored while on it. If you would like to know more, we advice you take a look at our other pieces on Bet9ja. The general article on How to bet at Bet9Ja can be found at the link.

What Is a System Bet?

Bet9ja What Is a System Bet

This kind of stake may be called by different names. Besides, it’s easy to confuse it with an accumulator, so to set the record straight, let’s start with the definition.

Explaining the Term

A system bet involves wagering on several selections, and it wins if only some come off. Here lies a critical distinction between this strategy and an acca, which requires all events to succeed.

Basically, this strategy comprises a set of accumulators, which, depending on the number of legs, can be double, treble, 4-Folds, 5-Folds, etc.

Now, what is a system bet in Bet9ja?

Its meaning is just the same. Except perhaps, the sportsbook also calls it “combined.”

Options Available

On the Bet9ja Online platform, you can find all the most sought-after varieties of system wagering, including the following:

OptionNumber of selectionsNumber of wagers
Lucky 15415

The list goes on and on since the site’s users can add more games to their play slips, increasing the number of stakes and their possible combinations.

How Does a System Bet Work?

Bet9ja How Does a System Bet Work

At first sight, this approach may raise flags, especially if you’re a gambling neophyte.

Indeed, you can be baffled by heaps of combinations that grow tremendously with each selected match. But there’s no need to panic, as the bookie has handled everything for you.

So how does a system bet work in Bet9ja?

You need to pick a few games and click the “COMBINED” button. That’s it.

Then, the software will automatically calculate all feasible combinations, and you’ll only have to choose the right ones and enter your stake.

How to Calculate Potential Winnings

Special programs called system bet calculators can estimate potential earnings in less than no time, making life easier for players.

However, you should certainly understand the principle of calculating the winnings to know what you can count on.

In a nutshell, in a combined wager, your maximum reward is the total amount of wins earned from each betting combination.

For clarity, let’s look at a specific example.

Example of a System Bet

Let’s go to the site’s sports section and pick 3 events in Spain LaLiga for a Trixie.

Real Sociedad vs. Girona1.673.855.20
Osasuna vs. Almeria2.103.503.45
Villarreal vs. Athletic Bilbao2.183.503.25

Say we’re expecting Real Sociedad, Osasuna, and Villarreal to win with 4 possible betting combinations.

Wager 1Real Sociedad Win (1.67) and Osasuna Win (2.10)
Wager 2Real Sociedad Win (1.67) and Villarreal Win (2.18)
Wager 3Osasuna Win (2.10) and Villarreal Win (2.18)
Wager 4All Win (1.67 x 2.10 x 2.18)

Suppose our predictions were not 100% accurate, and everyone except Real Sociedad won.

Wager 1Real Sociedad Win (1.67) and Osasuna Win (2.10)Failed
Wager 2Real Sociedad Win (1.67) and Villarreal Win (2.18)Failed
Wager 3Osasuna Win (2.10) and Villarreal Win (2.18Succeded
Wager 4All Win (1.67 x 2.10 x 2.18)Failed

If we staked a total of 200 NGN (50 NGN per wager), we would end up with this.

Winnings2.10 x 2.18 x 50 NGN = 228.9 NGN
Profit228.9 NGN – 200 NGN = 28.9 NGN

How to Place a System Bet on Bet9ja?

How to Place a System Bet on Bet9ja

On the website, placing a combined wager is child’s play to customers. The how-to is like this:

  1. Log in and refill your account balance.
  2. Choose at least 3 sporting events.
  3. Hit “COMBINED” to see available combinations.
  4. Tick the options for your system bet.
  5. Specify the size of your wager and place it.
Acca Bonus of up to 170%

Advantages of Using a System Bet

At the very beginning of this article, we stated that the system strategy is well-liked by punters, and that’s not unfounded. This type of wagering has some undeniable advantages, and here they are:

  • As the total odds rise, so does your potential profit.
  • The level of risks associated is much lower.
  • You have better chances of winning.
  • There’s no need for 100% prediction accuracy.
  • You can employ diverse betting approaches.

Tips for Placing a Successful System Bet

Tips for Placing a Successful System Bet Bet9ja

There’s a trick for every type of wager, and a system bet is no different. Experienced players equip themselves with various strategies and techniques to profit as much as possible. If you don’t want your endeavor to turn out an epic fail, follow these simple hints:

  • It’s impossible to place a wager without understanding its meaning. For instance, you must know exactly how many events you need to predict correctly in a particular system to gain profit.
  • As with any other gambling strategy, you must grip all aspects of the sports you stake on, like knowing the favorites and underdogs as well as recent statistics.
  • Act on a simple-to-complex basis, meaning, if you’re a novice, start with fewer legs and combinations.
  • It’s really helpful to leverage all available tools and resources, including system bet calculators, odds converters, and professional tipsters.
  • If you want to get a good deal and increase your profit with combined wagering, you must look out for high odds, which may equally refer to favorites, underdogs, and draws.

Common Mistakes to Avoid With System Betting

Making mistakes at the start of your system journey is quite natural.

  • Thus, newbies are often tempted by lower risks and higher potential profits, completely forgetting about their bankroll. So it’s essential to take your time and figure out if you have enough cash for a combined wager since it requires a fair amount.
  • Even if you have decent math skills, you’d better rely on robust software. It will help you estimate your potential earnings precisely and understand whether it pays.
  • Some promotions prohibit the use of bonuses in combined wagers, so make sure to watch this carefully.
  • System bets have no restrictions on sports, so don’t confine yourself, choose the sport you like and know best.

Summing Up

Bet9ja Summing Up

Now that we have Bet9ja system betting explained, hopefully, your expectations will be met perfectly as you arrive at the website.

Seemingly complex at first glance, this strategy becomes clear and efficient when you start practicing it. So go ahead and let luck be with you!



What is the difference between a multiple and a system bet in Bet9ja?

In both cases, you can wager on several selections. However, if at least one of your multiple legs loses, the entire bet fails. While in a combined type, not all events must win for you to make a profit.


How does system bet payout work?

A payout is made for every combination that does not include a losing leg. Punters must predict at least two events in a combined wager correctly.


What is the difference between iBet and system bet?

iBet is a 4-D bet type used in a lottery where you must pick 4 digits and place stakes on all probable combinations. A system bet is used in sports gambling where you predict the outcomes of several matches.


What is the biggest bet type?

Speaking about system betting, the biggest one is Goliath, which entails 247 wagers on 8 selections.


Who is the owner of Bet9ja?

Kunle Soname is the owner and chairman of the company, while Ayo Ojuroye is CEO.


How do I play Bet9ja online?

Visit the bookmaker’s site, create an account, and enjoy your play.


Where can I check Bet9ja Cut 1 terms and conditions?

You can check them in the bookie’s tutorials.


What does GG/NG means in Bet9ja?

GG/NG stands for Goal/No goal, meaning your prediction must be on whether each team will score at least one goal per game or no goals will be scored by either both or just one team.


How to play Bet9ja virtual football?

Virtual football games and other simulated sports are available on the website in the “Virtual” tab of the main horizontal menu. To start playing, you must register and log in to your account.