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Bet9ja Codes and Meanings in Nigeria Main

The Bet9ja platform has held leading positions in the Nigerian betting market since its launching dates. Today it has a solid fan base of loyal players who prefer to wager via the website, its mobile version, and the application. It is a Nigerian-based company that is popular on the African continent. It is also famous because many punters managed to win really big on the platform.

The aim of this Bet9ja review is to explain to you the large variety of codes the bookmaker has on the platform. It is a major problem when newbies join Bet9ja and place bets without knowing what these complicated abbreviations mean. In this article, we are going to fix that.

It is important to mention that the company no longer has an app to offer, as of August 2023. We are saddened by this decision, but are hopeful that this will change in the near future.

What Is Bet9ja and Why Do You Need Codes?

Bet9ja Why Do You Need Codes

Bet9ja provides an impressive set of tools that punters can use solely or combine for more successful wagering. One such tool is a wide range of betting markets. Each time you need to make a stake, the bookie offers several choices on building your complex system stake or placing a single bet. The code and its meaning will help you make a better prediction or combination.

Such codification allows the platform to place more information at once and makes it understandable for punters. It is a language each bettor actively uses. Let’s find out more facts about them.

Bet9ja Codes and Their Meanings

Bet9ja Codes and Their Meanings

Each code presented on Bet9ja has a full meaning. The codes can be of different categories. If you start wagering, you may notice that all the betting markets are coded. To place better predictions, you need to know how to read them.

Popular Bet9ja Betting Markets

Bet9ja platform offers its punters an impressive number of markets. What is a betting market? It is a particular event that may happen during the game. To place a bet, punters must choose who wins, how, or in which part of the game it wins.

The long list of markets does not mean punters always select all of them. Sure, some options are more popular and widely used than others. It can be explained in a way that the major part of users is well-familiar with the meanings of these markets. Here are our top five most demanded markets players prefer to select:

  • 1X2
  • Double Chance
  • Total Goals
  • Handicap.

They look like codes that contain more meaning in them than a newbie is capable of understanding. The Bet9ja codes and meanings are simple to remember. Each of them explains a particular market.

We noticed that newbies tend to use 1X2 more often than professionals. The latter ones prefer handicap as one of the complex markets. So, to make a better selection, you need to understand what hides behind these codes. Your lack of knowledge deprives you of opportunities for your prediction to win. Each sport on the platform has a pool of available markets. Let’s find out what they can offer.

Football/Soccer Codes for Betting

Football, or as the Americans call it, soccer, is the most popular and majorly loved sport in Nigeria. You will find no bookmaker who does not offer this sport for betting. And such popularity leads it to the most diversified and vast number of markets. You can bet on the winner’s penalty, corners, cards, and other interesting events.

Basically, punters can place unique predictions by making several selections on different gaming outcomes. We identified groups of codes based on the market types. Punters can select how to bet on Bet9ja online due to the wide range of markets. Popular betting codes and their meanings for soccer are:

  1. 1X2 – 1st team, draw, 2nd team. It is one of the top markets popular among players. Number 1 reflects the first team in the match, and number two stands for the second team, while X means a draw.
  2. DC – Double Chance. This market doubles the player’s possibility to win because you can select 1 and X, 1 and 2, or X and 2. Such combinations would be displayed on the bookie’s panel as 1DC, 2DC, 1XDC, or X2DC and 12DC.
  3. Home/Away team. Here you simply need to choose which team is going to win.
  4. Handicap. This market is a bit tricky but exciting. For example, when you wish to bet on a game where one team is stronger than the other, you may choose a handicap and provide the weakest team with a little boost. One or two scores before the game quill make the chances of winning equal.

The list includes the top-popular markets players love using during their betting sessions. Besides the mentioned markets, you can find other less-known options, like scoring by penalty goals and others.

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Tennis Codes For Betting

Tennis is not very popular on the African continent. However, it has fans who like to bet on international tennis events. They also contain some codes players better understand.

  1. Odd/Even. This market stands for the number of points; if we talk about tennis, each player can score and whether this number will be even or odd.
  2. Both Win. In some cases, both players can score an equal number of points. If you bet on this possibility, choose this market.
  3. DF – Double Foult. It is the situation when a serving player makes a combo of two mistakes during one pitch.
  4. 1-2 + O/U G. You can choose either 1 over a particular number of scored points or 1 under. The same can be chosen for the 2nd player.

The choice is more narrow here. However, all these markets can be combined with each other. It leads to more diversified wagering for tennis.

Basketball Codes For Betting

This is the second most popular sport in Nigeria and Africa in total. It can compete with soccer in the variety of available markets.

  1. 2Way. This market means you can select two gaming outcomes.
  2. 3Way. Here punters can place a stake in three possible outcomes at once. For the first and second teams to win and draw.
  3. Overtime, yes/no. Predict whether there will be overtime or not.
  4. HT/FT. You can bet on the halftime result. It also includes the first and second halves. Or you can wager on the full-time outcome.

Bet9ja offers its punters to select one of the offered markets or combine them with each other. Professionals especially appreciate this option.

Volleyball Codes For Betting

Volleyball is generally loved on the African continent. That is why the bookmaker also has some options so Nigerian punters can bet on international tournaments.

  1. 1 set/match. Here punters can place a bet on any set out of four. They can pick a winner for each set and place several single or combined stakes.
  2. Set win. Based on the name of this market, it is easy to guess that a player selects a winning team of the particular set.

What is interesting about volleyball is that you cannot choose a draw. The rules of the game do not provide such an option. Therefore the punters can enjoy wagering on each team’s win for different game periods.

Handball Codes For Betting

Handball offers the following market abbreviations for the fans of the sport and punters who would like to try their luck.

  1. Odd/Even. As in tennis, where players can bet on the number of points each team can score for a certain game period.
  2. Goal spreads. It means you can make a spread prediction; for example, the number of goals can vary from 55 to 58.
  3. DC. Wager on the double chance here. You can increase your chances of winning by predicting two possible game results in out of three available.

The Handball line of markets includes some captivating options. The spreads are majorly popular among the fans of the game.

Baseball Codes for Betting

Another sport that has many fans is baseball. Bet9ja provides some special market codes for the games. Check them in our list:

  1. O/U home or away. It is a simple market where you should predict the number of goals over or under a particular meaning. Another parameter here is which team will make that number of goals.
  2. 1X2RT. The code stands for a total run. You can bet on a certain team’s total number of runs scored during the game.
    2way. Bet on 2 possible outcomes.

Baseball is well-known among African punters. However, it is less popular than soccer and has few markets. Nevertheless, due to a sufficient list of events, bettors can choose many interesting games and leagues.

MMA Codes for Betting

Nigerians like to bet on MMA. It can be compared to boxing because it is also in demand here. Bet9ja offers its users to bet on the win of any of the players. So, you can see the following code for that market: 1 – 2.

Other Sports Codes for Betting

Bet9ja Other Sports Codes for Betting

Bet9ja offers other sports to bet on among a huge market selection. The users can discover many attractive types that are least popular but still sound exotic, like floorball or cricket.

  1. Asian Handicap. It is the same handicap, only with different crossed variants. That is, in addition to usual headstarts, such as 0, -1, -1.5, and -2, you can use crossed variants, like -1.25, +1.75, and so on.
  2. G. home or goals home team/G. Away or goals away team. Predict the number of goals the home/away team will score.
  3. O/E 2HT or Odd/Even 2nd half time. You should guess the number and type of goals a team will score during the 2nd period of the game.

It is always refreshing to try your luck elsewhere, and the selection Bet9ja offers can interest any player.

Codes for Betting on Popular Events

Bet9ja offers tons of sports and events to its users, some of which, like soccer matches, are considered popular and provide a wide range of marketing codes.

  1. C.Score Multi (1). The prediction must contain the number of goals scored during the whole match.
  2. DNB or draw no bet. It is one of the most interesting markets. The bet should be placed on the winner, and in case both teams score a draw, your bet will lose.
  3. GG/NG or Goal/Goal, No Goal. The first choice means both teams will score, and the second one means only one team to score, whereas the other one makes zero goals.

Popular events contain a vast selection of international tournaments and competitions. As a rule, the platform has a special category for them on the left navigation panel, so punters do not need to seek them.

Codes for Betting on Political Events

Bet9ja allows Nigerian punters to bet on some political events. Basically, it does not provide any codes and abbreviations here but simply places the candidates’ names. Punters can select the odds they find possible to happen in the future.

Codes for Betting on Cultural Events

Another great joy for Bet9ja punters is to wager on different art and cultural events. For instance, Bet9ja offers to bet on events in the music category: Nigerians can place their bets on the Eurovision participants. This category does not have a wide selection of markets, and it is limited by wagering on the winner option.

Bet9ja Short Codes

The short codes are usually placed on simplifying the task of placing a stake and displaying more markets on one panel. It is also a unified code language for many players who can exchange information with each other and with the bookmaker ground shops and support. Here is a table with the most common short codes you can see on the Bet9ja platform.

12DCHome, away teams to win
1XDCHome team to win or draw
X2DCDraw or away team to win
GGGoal goal
NGNo goal
HSHome team to score
HNSHome team not to score
ASAway team to score
ANSAway team not to score
OV1.5At least two goals will be scored during the match
UN1.5Less than 2 goals.
XHTDraw 1st half
1HT1st team is ahead first half
2HT2st team is ahead first half
XSTBoth teams have a draw in the first half
1-2 GoalsNo less than 1 and no more than 2 goals

Bet9ja Codes Strategies

Bet9ja Codes Strategies

Even when you understand the meanings of each code, it might be difficult to remember at first, but if you begin using some more often, it won’t be a problem. Experienced bettors know how to use these betting markets to their own benefit.

You will be a truly skilled player when your stakes look like that:

  • HT/ST/X/2 – draw for the first half and 2nd team to win the whole game.
  • 12 AND GG – either of the teams wins, but both score some goals.

The examples above show the skill of the bettor who predicted such a combo. It may seem difficult, but you need to know your teams and monitor the statistics to succeed.

Summing Up

Bet9ja Summing Up

Our thorough analysis of the markets Bet9ja offers allows us to conclude that the majority of the options serve punters well because they receive a viable opportunity to combine them with one another. However, the number of betting markets can decrease depending on the sport. For instance, if you are a soccer fan, you may profit from understanding all the codes presented on the platforms. The codes stand for the market’s full name and help players understand their true meanings.



What is the fast code for Bet9ja?

It is a booking code. Your bet slip has a special section for it. If you create a bet and wish to use it for another match another day, you can save it as a code. When you decide to use it, simply place your code and confirm the bet. No need to build another one.


How to play Bet9ja and win easily?

Become a registered player and fund your account. Then proceed to bet. Make your predictions and wait for an outcome. Your stake will win if the prediction is correct.


How to get a free bet on Bet9ja?

Sign up to the Bet9ja platform and receive your welcome bonus as a free bet. Participate in other promos and get even more rewards for betting on the website.


What is the minimum bet on Bet9ja?

The minimum bet requirement on the platform is 100 NGN.


Can I withdraw bonus bet winnings on Bet9ja?

Each bonus deal provided by Bet9ja has its wagering requirements. If you comply with them and the winning amount reaches the minimum withdrawal sum, then you can receive your payouts.