Bet9ja Rules on Postponed Matches in Nigeria

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03/07/2023 05/06/2024
Bet9ja Rules on Postponed Matches in NIgeria Main

If you’ve been around the betting scene in Nigeria for a while, you’ve probably encountered some postponed matches in your time. But no worries, we’ve covered everything you need to know about these annoying match delays and how they affect your stakes at Bet9ja Nigeria. In this article, we’ll be talking about what delayed matches are, the different types, and how Bet9ja handles them. We’ll also discuss what happens to the stakes you place on postponed matches and the rules surrounding them. Plus, we’ll give you some handy tips on how to check for updates on rescheduled matches through social media and customer support. So, grab a drink, and let’s dive in with the Bet9ja overview!

What Are Delayed Matches?

Bet9ja What Are Delayed Matches

Delayed matches are basically games that don’t start as scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. What causes these delays? Well, it could be bad weather, a team not showing up, or another unexpected event.

How Are Delayed Matches Handled at Bet9ja?

Bet9ja understands the uncertainty of delayed matches, and they have specific rules to ensure your stakes aren’t left hanging. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. The time frame for a game to be rescheduled varies depending on the sport. Each sport has its unique rules that Bet9ja follows in deciding if a stake stays in play or gets called off. Sometimes, the match must be played by midnight on the same day, while other sports might have a different time frame.

What Happens to Bets Placed on Delayed Matches?

Your stake is still in the game if the match is rescheduled within the sport-specific timeframe. However, if it takes longer than the allowed time for that sport. They’ll void your bet, and your stake gets returned to your account, ready for you to try your luck on another match. So always remember to check the rules for each sport when placing your stakes.

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Types of Postponed Matches

Bet9ja Types of Postponed Matches

Alright, so there are a few different flavors when it comes to postponed matches at Bet9ja. Let’s take a quick look at the main types:

Canceled Matches

A canceled bet is basically like it never even happened. Poof! It’s gone! The important thing is that you keep your hard-earned cash when a stake gets canceled. Bet9ja refund your stake, and you’ll be good to go. Now, you might be wondering if they’ll shoot you an email to let you know about the canceled bet. Sometimes they do, but if you haven’t heard anything, take a peek at your Account History. It’ll show you the status of your stake and whether your stake has been returned to your account balance.

Suspended Matches

These matches hit the pause button for various reasons. It could be a player getting injured, a sudden storm, or maybe the stadium lights decided to take a break. The game comes to a standstill while everyone waits to see if things get back on track. At Bet9ja, they know that suspense can be nerve-wracking, so they have a plan. If a match gets suspended but manages to hit the play button within the sport-specific timeframe (not always 24 hours, remember), they’re like: “Cool, your stakes are still in the game!” But if it takes longer than the allowed time frame for that sport, they say: “Alright, we got your back.” They’ll cancel your stake and refund it so you can try your luck elsewhere.

Bet9ja Rules for Rescheduled Matches

Bet9ja Rules for Rescheduled Matches

Bet9ja has specific guidelines for handling rescheduled, canceled, and postponed matches, so you know exactly where you stand.

Cancellation Rules for Postponed Matches

Sometimes, a match gets canceled altogether, which feels like a bummer. But at Bet9ja, when a game is canceled and won’t be played at all, your stake will be voided, and the money you put down on the game gets refunded to your account.

Betting Rules for Postponed Matches

Bet9ja might let the game be postponed until midnight of the same day, while others follow different rules. If the match is back on track within that time, your stake is still kicking! You have to wait and see how it all plays out. But if things go differently than planned and the match gets pushed beyond that timeframe, whether it’s the 24-hour window or the midnight WAT time. They step in and void that bet and return your stake to you.

Here is the list of sports with the time frame:

SportsBet is valid till
FIFAMidnight of the day of the event
eSports Live48 Hours
Winter Sport Live72 Hours
Waterpolo LiveMidnight (CET time) of the event
Volleyball LiveMidnight (CET time) of the event
Beach Volleyball LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Tennis Live72 Hours from the official start
Table Tennis LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Swimming LiveMidnight (CET time) of the event
Soccer LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Rugby LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Motor Sports LiveInstantly
Martial ArtsMidnight (WAT time) of the event
Ice Hockey LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Horse Racing LiveInstantly
Handball LiveMidnight of the day of the event
FUTSAL LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Dart LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Cycling LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Boxing LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Basketball LiveMidnight of the day of the event
Baseball LiveMidnight (WAT time) of the event
Badmintin LiveMidnight of the day of the event
American Footbal LiveMidnight of the day of the event
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How to Check for Updates on Rescheduled Matches

Bet9ja How to Check for Updates on Rescheduled Matches

Bet9ja offers a few ways to keep you informed about changes in match schedules. Here’s how you can check for updates on rescheduled matches at Bet9ja:

Via Social Media

Bet9ja knows how much we love our socials, so they make sure to keep their platforms up-to-date with the latest news on match schedules. Just follow their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to stay informed. Turn on those notifications so you won’t miss any important updates!

Via Customer Support

Bet9ja’s customer support is always ready to help if you prefer a more personalized approach. You can reach out to them via Twitter, in person, or by phone.

To Contact the call center, dial 01-3306666 or 0-15158888 or 01-2525555 or 08099990939 (Operating hours are 08:00 to 21:00).

Twitter: Bet9jaHelp

In Person: Bet9ja Tomi’s House, 9 Funsho Williams Avenue, By Fire Service Station, Ojuelegba Bus stop, Lagos.

Betting Tips for Rescheduled Matches

Bet9ja Betting Tips for Rescheduled Matches

Alright, let’s chat about some betting tips for those rescheduled matches at Bet9ja. Sometimes things change, and we have to roll with it. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when placing stakes on those rearranged games:

Stay informed: You gotta keep an eye on the news. Follow Bet9ja’s social media accounts, subscribe to their newsletters, or even set up Google alerts for your betting teams. Knowing when a match is rescheduled can help you make better decisions about your stakes.

Consider the impact: Postponed matches can affect teams in different ways. Maybe they’re losing momentum or getting some much-needed rest. Consider these factors when placing your stakes and how the schedule change might impact a team’s performance.

Check player availability: Sometimes, a delay means key players are back in action or may still be on the bench. Look at who’s playing and who’s not when a match is rescheduled, as it can change the game.

Keep an eye on the odds: With rescheduled matches, odds can shift like sand on a windy day. So keep tabs on the odds before and after the postponement to see if your stake has any value or if you should consider cashing out or placing a new stake altogether.

Have a back-up plan: In the world of sports betting, flexibility is critical. So have a couple of alternative stakes in mind just in case your original match gets postponed. That way, you won’t be caught off guard and can keep the excitement going.

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Bet9ja Conclusion

Betting on rescheduled matches at Bet9ja Nigeria can be a thrilling experience, even though it comes with its own set of challenges. By staying informed about changes in match schedules, understanding the reasons behind those changes, and adapting your betting strategy accordingly, you’ll have a better shot at making the most of these situations. Remember the tips we’ve discussed, and trust your instincts as you navigate.



Is a bet refund when a match is postponed?

Yes, a stake refund is usually given if the criteria for a postponed match is met.


How long does it take to decide on a postponed match in Bet9ja?

The time it takes to decide on a postponed match in Bet9ja depends on the specific sports event and the regulations governing that event. Typically, a decision is made within 24-72 hours, but it may take longer sometimes.


Can I cash out if a game is postponed?

No, you cannot cash out if a game is postponed, as cash out is only available for live matches.


What is the maximum withdrawal on Bet9ja?

The maximum withdrawal on Bet9ja is NGN 40,000,000.


Can I withdraw my bonus for winning on Bet9ja?

You can withdraw your winnings from using a bonus on Bet9ja, provided you meet the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions associated with the bonus.


How to Bet in Bet9ja?

Wonder how to start betting on Bet9ja? Register in Bet9ja account, add funds and choose the sports and market to start betting.