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Bet9ja Using USSD Main

Depositing funds is an essential part of using any betting platform. You won’t be able to wager without putting the money on balance. Even free bets and various promotions require depositing something first. And so the bookmakers offer various methods to top up your balance. They differ significantly from platform to platform and can even change across the markets on the same website. Some sportsbooks only offer one or two methods, while more established ones can impress with their versatility.

The USSD deposit solution might not be common, but it’s still very useful. Our article will describe how to use this method at Bet9ja, a Nigeria-based betting platform that steadily grows in popularity in its home country. We will cover everything about this solution, from the list of supported banks to its benefits. Moreover, we will provide detailed guides and helpful tips. Let’s go!

It is important to mention that the company no longer has an app to offer, as of August 2023. We are saddened by this decision, but are hopeful that this will change in the near future.

Bet9ja and Its Deposit Methods

Bet9ja and Its Deposit Methods

Bet9ja is an all-in-one betting platform that was founded in 2013 in Nigeria. It might not be as widely used as some of the biggest players on the wagering market, but it has its share of loyal punters and is well-known in its home country. Being a universal solution that’s full of features, the bookmaker offers everything a player might want to see from a mature platform. There’s the fully-fledged Android application, as well as the mobile-optimized website and a wide selection of sports to bet on. Moreover, there are versatile wagering options, a long list of offered deposit methods, and even some casino games that are available to the users.

If you want to add money to your account, then you have money options that you can use. They include transferring money directly from bank accounts, using ATMs, and some of the locally used payment services. There are many ways to approach direct transfers: for example, you can use the bank’s mobile app or website or USSD codes in some cases. Those will be the main topics of our article.

Fund Your Bet9ja Account with Quickteller

This payment system provides a wide range of options, so it is not surprising that Nigerian users love it. If you are also using this system, you can use it to fund your Bet9ja account. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Quickteller app and register an account if you haven’t done so before.
  2. In the application’s payments section, enter your Bet9ja account details and deposit amount and select the debit source.
  3. Enter the requested details and complete the transaction.

You can pay directly from an e-wallet or a bank card.

Fund Bet9ja Account with a Recharge Card

You can top up your account using this method directly in the Bet9ja application. Of course, you must be logged in to do this. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the deposit section.
  2. Select card deposit from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the amount and your card number.
  4. Confirm the transaction using the one-time code.

The funds will be credited to your account within a few seconds.

Score with Bet9ja

Using USSD

Bet9ja Using USSD

The USSD method might not be as popular as it once was, but it’s still a handy solution. Moreover, it’s quick: once you understand what codes and menus you must use, you can go through the main transfer steps within a couple of minutes. No need to load an app or use some third-party solutions as well. The ability to transfer funds using the USSD is one of the platform’s standout features that makes it different from some of the competition.

It’s also worth remembering that there’s no single Bet9ja transfer code you can use for all procedures. Things are a bit more complicated as each bank and system has its own USSD code.

Deposit Codes for Various Banks in Nigeria

Bet9ja Deposit Codes for Various Banks in Nigeria

Now it’s time to check out the codes and methods to use them for different banks and payment systems. We will try to provide all of the needed information on the matter.

C’Gate (CoralPay)

This payment solution uses the USSD codes to transfer money from your bank to Bet9ja.

If you want to fund your account this way, here are the steps:

  1. Visit Bet9ja.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click “Deposit.”
  4. Select C’GATE USSD from the list of payment options.
  5. Enter the deposit amount.
  6. Select your bank from the list.
  7. You will see the USSD code generated.
  8. Dial it on your phone.
  9. All done.

One thing to remember is that you have to use the code within 5 minutes, after which it will become expired.

Fidelity Bank

One of the key banks of the country, Fidelity, also supports USSD. The process isn’t difficult; here are the steps on how to fund your Bet9ja account with Fidelity:

  1. Get your phone.
  2. Dial *770*000*952+User ID Amount#.
  3. Confirm by clicking the “Send” button.
  4. Enter your PIN.


Being likely the main bank of Nigeria, GTBank is obviously supported by many local bookmakers. Bet9ja isn’t an exception; it allows you to transfer the funds from the GTB account by using three possible ways: a website, a mobile app, and the USSD code.

The way using the latter works is a bit similar to what we described for Fidelity bank. The main difference is that you’re entering your user ID after dialing the code. Let’s check how to credit your account:

  1. On your phone, dial *737*50*AMOUNT*500#.
  2. Input your user ID.
  3. Enter the PIN code in order to confirm the transaction.
  4. You will receive a message claiming that your account has been credited.


UBA (United Bank of Africa) supports using USSD for depositing with the help of their Magic Banking payment product. Keep in mind that this system charges 20 NGN + VAT per deposit. Let’s take a look at what you have to do:

  1. Dial this USSD string on your phone: *919*22*Bet9ja user ID#.
  2. Enter your UBA PIN.
  3. Choose your UBA account if you have many.
  4. Confirm your username and agree to the service fee.
  5. You will receive a notification when everything is completed successfully.


Similarly to UBA Magic Banking, this solution charges 20 NGN with the VAT. The process is straightforward and can be completed within a couple of minutes. Just do the following to credit the funds:

  1. On your phone, dial *966*6*2389#.
  2. Enter your Bet9ja


Heritage Bank might not be as widely used as GTB or UBA, but it has its share of active clients. You can deposit your money from this bank account to your Bet9ja in just a few steps:

  1. Dial *745#.
  2. Select Bet9ja among offered options.
  3. Enter your Bet9ja user ID.
  4. Input the amount you’re planning to deposit.
  5. Enter the PIN code.
  6. All done.

Unity Bank

This bank is also among the most actively used in the country. Depositing the funds from the account will apply the 30 NGN fee per transaction. Below are the steps on how to use it to credit your account at the bookmaker.

  1. Dial *7799*403*User ID*Amount#.
  2. Confirm your user name and the sum you’re depositing.
  3. Enter the pin.
  4. Now you can wait for the funds to arrive.

How to Use USSD Codes

Bet9ja How to Use USSD Codes

Usually, the process requires just entering the string on your phone and following the instructions we’ve provided in the previous paragraphs. The issues shouldn’t emerge, but if they do, try again later or contact your bank’s customer care.

The Benefits of Using USSD

Bet9ja Benefits of Using USSD

Using the USSD codes has certain advantages over other methods. The main benefit would be the ability to transfer the funds without the need to go online. A related benefit is that it allows the users to transfer the funds even if they don’t own a smartphone and are currently away from their PC. All in all, having additional options that can assist you in funding your account is always great.

Finding the Best Bank for Using the USSD

Bet9ja Finding the Best Bank for Using the USSD

Actually, there’s not much difference. The USSD codes for depositing funds from an account to Bet9ja all work in a similar manner, no matter the bank. So our recommendation would be evident and straightforward: just go with the bank you already use and prefer.


Bet9ja Conclusion

USSD codes can be an extremely helpful and convenient way to deposit money at Bet9ja. They are supported on the platforms for transferring funds from various banks, making the steps involved relatively shorter once you understand the process.

Our article covered everything one must know about Bet9ja account funding solutions that use USSD codes. The text can be helpful to anyone: from those planning to join the platform to its newcomers and experienced users that never tried such options. If you want to learn more about the platform, you can read our other Bet9ja reviews, including those that cover various features of the platform and the main article.



How much can I transfer with the USSD code?

Usually, the same limits are applied for depositing by other methods if you’re using the same bank or system.


How can I send money through SMS?

You can. This method works for those using QuickTeller services: simply send the “QT HELP” SMS to 32122 and follow the instructions. In the end, you should have no problem funding your account.


How do I change my USSD transfer PIN?

The PIN is dependent on the banking service you’re using. Check your options in the app or on the website. You can also contact the customer support of your bank.


How do I reset my USSD PIN without a debit card for the First Bank?

First Bank isn’t among those that support depositing to Bet9ja directly, but you can move the funds from its account by using the C’Gate solution. There’s also the USSD code and its PIN that, in some cases, has to be reset. Unfortunately, the only way to do so is by visiting the First Bank’s physical branch and asking the workers directly.


How can I activate my USSD PIN code for the First Bank?

Similarly to resetting, activating the USSD PIN code can be done in the physical branches of the First Bank.


Can I use Bet9ja from my phone?

Yes. There’s the Bet9ja official app for Android. You can find it on the Play Store. Unfortunately, there’s no iPhone app, but you can use the mobile website to access all of the platform’s features. If you have an older device that would have trouble running the app or loading the website, you can switch to the MLite solution.


How can I join?

The registration process is very straightforward. The Bet9ja registration form just asks you for your personal information and lets you confirm the account. If you want to learn more about the Bet9ja sign-up procedure, read our separate article covering this aspect of the platform.


How’s the authorization handled?

If your question is “How do I log into my Bet9ja account?”, then the answer is simple. The process of signing in is as straightforward as it gets. You just have to enter your username and password. We have a separate article covering everything about it in detail.


Are there other deposit options?

Yes, the list is actually quite long. You can make direct bank transfers without using USSD codes: via the apps or banking websites. Several payment systems are also supported. And you can also use QuickTeller ATMs. We have a separate article covering Bet9ja payment options; feel free to read it to know more.


Is there a casino to gamble?

Yes, Bet9ja casino games are offered to punters. They mainly consist of various combinations of roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. We have a dedicated article on the matter.