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How to Cash Out on Bet9ja in Nigeria Main

Bet9ja is one of the most reliable online betting platforms on the Nigerian market. It has a solid base of fans and devoted users. The bookmaker has a bunch of lucrative options that promise punters fast payouts, convenient deposit methods, various bonuses and promotions, a huge set of available spots and events, and even a cashout feature. If you don’t know what the latter is, this Bet9ja review is for you. We will explain to you what it is and how it works and provide you with many interesting facts about it.

Bet9ja Cash Out Basics

Bet9ja Cash Out Basics

Many world-famous bookies offer the cashout option to their punters. However, not every Nigerian online betting platform can provide it. Bet9ja is not one of them, however. Along with many attractive bonus deals, discount coupons, and promotions, the platform provides a cash out feature that is located in the “Promo” section.

If you place a bet and in the middle of the match find out it probably won’t win, you still have a chance to return some of the wagered money. Cash-out is a wonderful option that allows you to control your bet in real-time and cut your spending significantly.

What Is a Bet9ja Cash Out?

The cashout option allows punters to receive some funds even if their bet loses. Sounds marvelous, right? It is a dazzling opportunity to lower your expenses for betting and receive extra money to place more successful stakes.

How Does Bet9ja Cash Out Work?

o cash out on Bet9ja, you just need to follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Open the Bet9ja website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Select the sport and the event.
  4. Pick your odds and the type of bet, and add it to your ticket.
  5. Monitor the game. If you see that your stake is close to failure, click on the cashout.
  6. When you use the option, you receive your funds based on the automatic calculations of the current odds.

You can cash out at any time while the game is still on. Remember that the option is unavailable when the match is finished.

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What Bet Types Can Be Used for Bet9ja Cash Out?

The platform does not provide any restrictions on the types of bets that can be subjected to cash out. However, punters can use the option during live betting and for pre-matched wagering. So, basically, Nigerian punters can apply that function whenever they wish while their game is still active.

Which Bet Types Are Prohibited for Cash Out on Bet9ja?

The bookmaker indicates no such bets. The function is available for any of your predictions. However, there is only one restriction. You cannot use the option if the game is over.

Bet9ja Cash Out Rules

Bet9ja Cash Out Rules

A set of Bet9ja cashout rules and requirements where you may read everything about the cashout function is published on the official website. The bookmaker offers punters two types of cash out:

  • Pre-matched wagering
  • Live betting

If you placed a complex stake involving many different games, you could use the feature before all the games are finished in the pre-matched wagering. So, when the first game begins, you are allowed to use the option. The live betting cashout procedure is standard and needs no additional explanation. Simply find the “Сashout” button near your ticket and click it when you need it.

Cash Out on The Website

Cashing out on the official bookie’s website is simple to do. Enter your profile page and check your tickets. Visit the “My Cashouts.” section. If there are active games, you can easily cash them out.

Bet9ja Cash Out Activation

The activation process is intuitive. To cash out, simply click on the button. It is available near your ticket or in the “My Cashouts” section.

How to Track Bets With Cash Out on Bet9ja?

You can check them on your profile page in the “My Cashouts” section. You can view all the operations there.

Partial Cash Out on Bet9ja: How Does It Work?

The Bet9ja does not provide any information about the possibility of a partial cash out. However, as we already explained, punters can apply that feature in the pre-game mode or during live betting, which is even more convenient than a partial cash-out version.

How to Cancel Cash Out on Bet9ja?

It is not possible to cancel any cashouts. Besides, the bookmaker does not allow you to cancel any bet you place either. Punters will get their funds back without any variations based on the current odds.

Cash Out in Mobile App

The mobile application has the same requirements for a cash-out as the website. Log into your account. Go to “My Bets.” Tap on the cashout icon. Your funds will be back on your balance almost immediately.

It is important to mention that the company no longer has an app to offer, as of August 2023. We are saddened by this decision, but are hopeful that this will change in the near future.

How to Activate the Cash Out on Bet9ja?

You can use the feature via the app betting. It will be active if your stakes are valid for the cashout, and you can easily click the button to activate it. After you confirm your action, the money will be returned to your balance in a couple of minutes.

Bet9ja Cash Out Track Option

When you add the stakes to your bet and confirm it, you can monitor it afterward in your profile. If you, for some reason, decide to cashout, you see that option available in the “My Cashouts” history.

How Does Partial Cash Out on Bet9ja Work?

Bet9ja does not allow punters to make partial cash out. They can either make the return calculated from the total betting amount or not activate the option at all.

Bet9ja Cash Out Cancel Option

The Bet9ja cash out is impossible to cancel. Once you activate the option, you cannot undo it. The bookmaker does not state any information about the possibilities and special conditions that allow punters to abolish the cash out.

Bet9ja Cash Out Benefits and Drawbacks

Bet9ja Cash Out Benefits and Drawbacks

The platform provides a unique option for its users. Not many betting websites have such a feature. However, some that provide it might have different options for how players can use it. We tested the Bet9ja option and found the benefits and drawbacks. Check out the table below.

– 2 modes: pre-matched, live
– Automated calculations
– Possibility to withdraw via banks and payment systems
No partial cash out
Grab boost bonuses

Bet9ja Cash Out Special Features in Nigeria

Bet9ja Cash Features Nigeria

According to the Bet9ja bonus policy, there is no partial cash out on the platform. But punters will be happy to learn more about other options of the feature the bookmaker offers. We have already slightly familiarized you with two possible ways you can cash out. Let’s look at the real examples of how you can benefit from either of them.

The pre-match cashout allows punters who placed system or combined bets with, for instance, 15 legs to use the feature while some of the games were already finished and the last one still was not settled. Thus, you will receive more of the wagered funds back.

Another special feature of cashing out on Bet9ja allows players to use the option during live betting sessions. You can place single stakes, and if, while the game is on, you decide to return your funds, click on the cashout and receive some of your money back.

Players can also use the feature by visiting one of the ground shops of the bookmaker. Hand in your ticket to the cashier and make your cash out.

Bet9ja Cash Out Limitations

Nigerian punters can return their funds via the option during the time of the game. If the match is finished, it is too late to cash out. This is one of the main rules that the bookmaker marks on the website.

Besides, punters cannot make cashout if they decide to wager with their bonus funds. You can see that in the bookie’s terms and conditions. However, the platform also states that it can change and adjust any rules for the cashout.

Withdrawal Options for Winnings With Cash Out

Withdrawal Options for Winnings With Cash Out

Many newbies are interested in how to calculate cash out in Bet9ja. Do not worry, you should not calculate anything, and the platform does it in the automated mode. Once you click on the option, you launch the process and will see how much you win in a couple of minutes. If the amount reaches the minimum required sum, you can withdraw from Bet9ja via any convenient Bank and other ways offered on the platform.

Cash Out Unavailable Bet9ja Funds

Punters cannot use cash out if they wager with bonus money. When you participate in any promotion or a bonus deal, as a rule, you will receive additional funds that can be used for betting. However, they also have terms and conditions, according to which it is impossible to receive any actual money that can be withdrawn from your betting account.

Bet9ja Cash Out Comparison With Other Bookmakers

Bet9ja Cash Out Comparison

First of all, many bookmakers in the Nigerian betting market do not even have cash out. Those who do may also allow or restrict any partial cash out. However, the Bet9ja case is unique. The bookie offers more than one variation of the option. Therefore, punters can significantly increase their returns.

Tips on How to Use Cash Out on Bet9ja

Many loyal Bet9ja punters have already created strategies on how they can win more with the cash-out feature. This tool is quite helpful when we use it wisely during betting. It can be combined with other tools and options the bookie provides. Therefore, profound bettors prefer to combine them to increase their profits. Let’s find out what you can do in the following part of the article.

Which Cash Out Strategies on Bet9ja Can Help You Win?

Attentive players can learn different strategies for how they can cut their losses with a cash-out feature. The meaning of what we have in mind is simple. Monitor the circumstances and the atmosphere during the game. Making your analytics helps to identify promising players and stronger teams.

We also recommend beginners learn how they can make system bets. They will not only bring you higher odds but also allow you to make a pre-match cash out if the majority of your games are already played, and the last one tends to be not successful for your prediction.

Another great piece of advice we retrieved from professionals is monitoring such factors as weather, the total position of a particular team on the leaders’ board, and overall research of the pre-game situation will help you to make a solid prediction.


Bet9ja Conclusion

The cashout feature provides players with additional profit each time they place an unsuccessful stake. The variation of that option on the Bet9ja platform allows punters to take the maximum out of their wagering. The bookmaker considers it as an additional bonus, despite the coupons and other promos. It even places it in the so-called section.

The minimum cash out on Bet9ja depends on the amount of the placed bet and the odds. However, punters have an opportunity to withdraw the funds when they reach 1,000 NGN. The cashout feature maintains a truly wonderful betting experience and allows you to save more money during the wagering.



How long does it take to cash out on Bet9ja?

The cash out is almost instant. The bookmaker has little processing time, so the money will appear on your balance shortly after you activate the option.


What is the highest cash out in Bet9Ja?

The maximum cash out on Bet9ja can be calculated based on the sum of your bet and on the current odds.


How can I win big money on Bet9ja?

Create an account, deposit some money to your balance, and make your predictions. If they are accurate, you will win.


Is there a jackpot on Bet9ja?

Yes, you can participate in the jackpot.


What is the maximum deposit on Bet9ja per day?

The maximum deposit is 100,000 NGN.